Saturday, March 12, 2016

P.S Girls (2016)

Web cam, body cam, phone chatting…call me any time! Eun-joo dreams of being a plastic surgery specialist while she works as a nurse. At night, she has a job as Nabi, having sex on the phone to come up with money for her dad’s medical bills. La Belle’s madam Big Mama pays her girls in advance and forces them to do sexual activities like body cams while she rips them off their money. At La Belle are Candy, Cherry, Eunmi and other girls with stories but have sex on the phone with men. Meanwhile, Joon-ho, Eun-joo’s hospital director starts showing interest in Eun-joo who looks like his dead wife and they develop a romantic relationship.

Genre: Romance, Adult
Release Date: 4 Feb 2016
Stars: Viki, Lee Chang-Yong-I, Kwon Min, Lee Eun-mi-I

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